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sarahWouldn’t it be wonderful to know what your dog was thinking and feeling?

Although we will never know for sure, there are clues you can learn, which will help you to understand your dog much better. If you can do this, you can learn to assess and even predict canine behaviour.

If you are a savvy owner, a trainer, a member of veterinary staff, behaviour specialist, welfare professional or volunteer – or just have a fascination with dogs, you will benefit from this comprehensive course – bringing to life the hidden language of dogs.

BUT, this course is not just for anyone… it is for those who really care about what their dogs think and feel, and who want to understand them at a whole new level.

This advanced training has been specifically desinged for professionals, aspiring professionals, and savvy owners!

For professionals and students of behaviour and training:

  • Learn the subtle secrets of dog body language that I explain only in Advanced Masterclasses
  • Up-skill and update your behavioural knowledge with state-of-the-art information
  • Keep yourself safe around unknown dogs through rapid assessment strategies
  • Educate your clients in their dogs and other dogs’ behaviour
  • Assess a dog’s needs with regard to behaviour and training in less time
  • Understand the 8 steps of aggression, so you can switch them off
  • Make the link between your ‘gut instinct’ and your head when reading dogs

For savvy owners:

  • Avoid threats to your own dog when out walking
  • Understand your own dog in a way that others simply don’t
  • Learn to predict your dog’s behaviour
  • Avoid getting bitten by unknown dogs
  • Reduce stress for your dog in all situations
  • Improve your training with your dog, your bond and your relationship
  • Get off to a great start with a puppy or rescue dog

The course itself is divided up into 3 easy-to-follow modules:

  1. Canine Vocabulary – how is your dog feeling?
  2. The Four F’s – canine coping strategies
  3. Social Signals – how to tell he loves you!

Each module includes video tutorials as well as written content, which you can study completely at your own pace.

Plus, there is a quick interactive quiz at the end to help embed your learning and give you a deeper understanding of canine behaviour.

Module 1: Canine vocabulary – Learn ‘canine’ as a foreign language

Dogs are good communicators! They have a wide vocabulary of body language signals, facial expressions and sounds with which to get their meaning across. However, just like human non-verbal communication, we always have to take each signal in context. It’s not possible to say, “That dog has his tail up, therefore he is being aggressive!”

In this first, essential module, I take a look at all the ten most important body language signals, and highlight the subtleties that owners rarely notice and few professionals ever talk about. I’m going to highlight all the aspects that every owner should know, and all professionals should be able to identify even in unknown dogs.

You get ten lessons, plus end-of-module Quiz to see what you have learned.

In this module you will discover:

  • Why play bows aren’t always about play
  • What your dog might be trying to tell you when he yawns
  • Why advice to ‘out-stare’ your dog should be ignored!
  • What tail wagging is really all about from your dog’s perspective

The curriculum:

1. ‘Play’ Bows
2. Giving a Paw
3. Jumping Up
4. Yawning
5. Lip licking and tongue flicking
6. Rolling over
7. Eye contact
8. Tail wagging
9. Looking guilty
10. Body weight, height and body movement

Module 2: The four ‘Fs’ – Flight, Fight, Freeze and…

In this Module, we look in depth at the four main canine coping responses, and ask what makes a dog choose one over another. Once again, I discuss the ‘hidden’ aspects which even experienced dog people may be puzzled by.

You get ten lessons, plus bonus material, including:

  • Why dogs always prefer to whisper rather than shout
  • Why aggression can become a non-emotional habit
  • How to spot internal approach/avoid conflict in dogs
  • The body language of ‘flirt’ and why humans and dogs share this strategy!

The curriculum:

1. The body language of Fight
2. Low-level warnings
3. Stress signals in dogs
4. Aggression as a habit
5. Flight
6. Approach/avoid conflict
7. Freeze
8. Flirt
9. Which ‘F’ and why?
10. Displacement activities

Module 3: Social Signals (He can’t send you a love letter, so how will you know?)

OK, not strictly designed to find out if your dog loves you (though I’m sure he does!), but this meaty Module is an eye-opening journey through all the most vital signals that dogs give to show sociability and friendliness. By definition, this then teaches you to be an expert in noticing the absence of these signals – vital for anyone owning or working with dogs and their owners.

There are 18 lessons to this Module!

You’ll discover:

  • ‘Green flag’ indicators and why they matter so much
  • Five specific ways to tell if a dog wants to have contact with you
  • Windmill tails. Head heights. Greeting stretches. And much more…
  • Never before seen footage – ‘love nibbles’ on camera! Don’t miss it!

The curriculum:

1. Green flag, red flag
2. Saying hello
3. Learning the lingo
4. Signs of sociability!
5. Green flag behaviours
6. Space
7. Lowering the head
8. Engaging with person
9. Keeping contact
10. Soft body and face
11. Windmill tail
12. Greeting stretch
13. Open mouth/smiling or grinning
14. Ears back (and inside out)
15. Licking
16. Juvenile behaviours
17. Suckling / love nibbles

This comprehensive online programme is designed to be fast, fun and effective! You can learn in the comfort of your own home, and completely at your own pace.

Your Investment

Ok, so now you know what is included in the programme, let’s talk about your investment.

Firstly, you need to remember that this course is advanced. And when you consider that even a basic certification training would cost you between £700-£800, I think you’ll be pleasantly suprised at the comparatively low price of this programme.

Because the Learn to Talk Dog 90 Day Online Training Programme is available for just £297.

Plus when you enrol today you get the following fast-action bonus…

FAST ACTION BONUS: Enrol in the course today and you also get access to a special bonus module…

Early Warning Systems: Fear, stress, anxiety and appeasement (worth £195)

This section is so valuable, it is almost an entire course on its own!

So when you enrol in the Learn to talk dog 90 day online training programme today, you get access to this bonus module for free!

Early warning systems are the pre-emptors of aggression. Knowing and understanding these sometimes subtle signals are the key to keeping yourself, and your dogs safe. Get skilled in these canine ‘tells’ and you will be able to reduce stress for your dog, improve your training and handling and even learn to predict canine behaviour.

15 lessons, plus bonus material

Specifically, you will learn:

• Understand the 8 steps of aggression in dogs
• How to interpret growling, barking, snarling, and hackles
• Why mounting is not just about sex
• Be able to explain the ‘gut feelings’ you get about a dog before it becomes a threat

The curriculum:

1. Why intensity is important
2. One step at a time (if you’re lucky)
3. Signs of stress
4. Eyes
5. Body position
6. Growling and barking
7. Hackles (piloerection)
8. Snarling
9. Lunging
10. Muzzle punch/nose jab
11. Lead grab
12. Hard jumping up and clasping, oh, and genital checking!
13. Mounting
14. Scent mark – Anal swipe/urine mark
15. Teeth

This module on its own is easily worth the price of the entire programme, but when you enrol today you get it for free!

Special Offer
Only £97

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With kind regards,

Sarah Whitehead