Press and Media for Sarah Whitehead

Sarah Whitehead is a full member of the APBC, and APDT.

She has an MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour and is an NLP Master Practitioner.

Sarah is an experienced media expert, behaviourist, trainer, author, and lecturer and is always happy to hear from you to chat about all things dog and cat…

Some of Sarah’s media appearances

  • Radio Two – Chris’ Evans Breakfast Show
  • Radio Four – Woman’s Hour
  • BBC Radio Berkshire (phone-in show specialist)
  • BBC TV series ‘Barking Mad’
  • ITV’s live ‘Give a Dog a Home’ show
  • C4′s Richard and Judy
  • C4′s Open House

Some of Sarah’s book and DVD publications

  • ‘Clever Dog! The Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know’ (Five stars on Amazon!)
  • ‘Good Dog! The Easy Way to Train Your Dog’
  • ‘How to Speak Dog’
  • ‘How to Speak Cat’
  • ‘Puppy Training for Kids’
  • ‘City Dog’
  • ‘Your Clever Dog’ DVD training Series
  • ‘Hands Off!’
  • ‘The Puppy Survival Guide’
  • ‘The Adolescent Survival Guide’
  • ‘Mind Games for Dogs’
  • ‘Trick and Treat’
  • ‘Your Clever Dog’ DVD series

Sarah’s related sites