Frequently Asked Questions

The Secrets of Dog-to-Dog Communication -
Canine Body Language Course 2

Until now, accessing Sarah's unique knowledge of canine body language and facial expression has been limited to those who attend her professional Masterclasses or enrol on a six-month course.

Now, you can learn in the comfort of your own home via her online courses, at an amazing price.

Sarah’s online programmes are designed to be fast, fun and utterly engaging!

Do I need to have any prior knowledge before taking the courses?
Passion and an open-mind are far more important than a string of qualifications on Sarah’s courses, but we do recommend that you take Course 1 before Course 2 – as the material builds in complexity over the Modules. 

Do I have to attend any part of the Programme?
The whole Programme is based online, so you can access it at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your own computer.

What level is the course content?
There are four Modules in Course 1. Canine Body Language and Facial Expression and three Modules in Course 2. Understanding Dog-To-Dog Communications (check out the curriculum here) and these have been designed to be progressively complex. While we start with good, solid foundations, right from the beginning you will be taught subtleties and unique insights that no other courses offer. 

Are there any books I need to do the courses?
While all extra research and reading is useful, this is not a book-heavy course – you can just jump right in – all the resources you need are there!

Are there any exams?
No! (Phew!) This is an exam-free zone. Each Module has an end-of-Module Quiz – which you complete online so you can privately test your own knowledge and understanding. This is not shared with anyone else. (For this reason, unlike our other courses, the Programme is not formally accredited – if you would prefer to take an accredited course please see “Other Courses.”)

Do I need to take Course 1 before Course 2?
Well, we do strongly recommend this, as the courses are designed to be progressive – however, it’s not a rule!

How much time do the Courses take?
Both courses are designed to be completed within about a month. But how long you spend on each Module is up to you.

All the Modules are designed for fast integration – however we do recommend that you revisit each Module at least twice in order to hone your observational skills.

By carefully looking at the photos and video clips and absorbing the accompanying text written by Sarah you will find that your learning is engaging and inspirational – in fact, you’ll never look at dogs in the same way again.

How long do I have to access the Courses?
You have indefinite access to the courses online once you have signed up. This means that if you want to take advantage of a time-limited special discount offer, it’s best to take it up before the deadline, knowing that you can access the course at any time in the future and for as long as you need.

How is the Programme delivered?
On sign-up you will receive access to the first Module immediately (we send you an e-mail containing all the details of how to log in – please do check your SPAM folder if you don’t receive this right away.)

The subsequent Modules are available for access at one-week intervals, so that you don’t feel overloaded at any stage. (And we send you reminder emails to let you know each time access is available for the next Module.)

However, there is NO TIME LIMIT to complete the whole Programme – you have indefinite access. This is because we know that life gets in the way of study (!) and because we would like you to revisit each Module and the Quizes (to improve your score!) as many times as possible, because practise makes perfect! 

Need a receipt for payment?
Receipts are issued automatically by our secure payment system. This will come to you by email, so please check your SPAM folder if you don’t receive it immediately after purchase. 

Someone else is going to pay for me to take the course – they need an invoice
The easiest way for us to action this is over the phone, as we can take your details and issue an invoice to the relevant party. Please call us on 01753 856 780 (Alpha Education) and we will be happy to help.

Do I get a Certificate on completion of a course?
Once you have completed all the Modules and each of the end-of-Module Quizes, you can generate and print out a certificate of completion. Yay!

Still have questions?
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