Learn To Talk Dog - Introductory Module
(So you can help him be happier, and more obedient)

This special online course is fast, fun and effective!
Learn about canine body language in the comfort of your own home, and completely at your own pace.
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  • Learn the subtle secrets of dog body language that will help you have a better relationship with your dog
  • Help keep your kids and visitors safe by understanding your dog’s stress thresholds
  • Avoid threats to your own dog when out walking
  • Understand your own dog in a way that others simply don’t
  • Learn to predict your dog’s behaviour
  • Avoid getting bitten by unknown dogs
  • Reduce stress for your dog in all situations – he can’t learn or function properly when he’s stressed
  • Improve your training with your dog, by understanding what your dog needs
  • Get off to a great start with a puppy or rescue dog

Dogs are good communicators! They have a wide vocabulary of body language signals, facial expressions and sounds with which to get their meaning across. However, many dogs struggle to make themselves heard and understood – after all, they can’t leave you a post-it note, or write you a letter:

  • They try to communicate that they are not comfortable with a situation, but are ignored
  • They are forced to escalate their signalling – to the point of aggression – because they are not being heard
  • They fail to learn even basic commands and training exercises because they are under stress

Your dog needs you to be able to spot and understand stress signals – so you can help him when he needs it

In this introductory ‘owner module’, I take a look at all the ten most important body language signals, and highlight the subtleties that owners rarely notice and few professionals ever talk about. I focus on the critical aspects that every owner should know, and all those involved with dogs should be able to identify - even in unknown dogs.

You receive unlimited access to ten lessons, plus an end-of-module Quiz to see what you have learned.

In the module you will discover:

  • Why play bows aren’t always about play
  • What your dog might be trying to tell you when he yawns
  • Why advice to ‘out-stare’ your dog should be ignored!
  • What tail wagging is really all about from your dog’s perspective (and it’s not what you think!)
  • Why rolling over may not be ‘submissive’ at all
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The module includes video tutorials of real dogs (not cartoons or drawings) as well as written content so you can see actual canine body language signals in action

The curriculum:

  1. 'Play' Bows
  2. Giving a Paw
  3. Jumping Up
  4. Yawning
  5. Lip licking and tongue flicking
  6. Rolling over
  7. Eye contact
  8. Tail wagging
  9. Looking guilty
  10. Body weight, height and body movement

End of module Quiz to test yourself and see what you have learned!

sarahWhy did I write this course? 

I’m Sarah Whitehead, internationally recognised canine behaviour expert and one of the few professionals in the UK who is a  ‘Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist” – the only behaviour standard to be recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

For the past 20 years, I have specialised in aggression in dogs – I help those dogs that bite and fight, as well as a whole host of other behavioural problems.

The fact is that dogs rarely want to use aggression, or be ‘naughty’ – often they are simply fearful or stressed; they just don’t know how else to communicate their feelings and emotions to their owners – because, on the whole, we simply don’t know how to listen!

Your dog cannot send you an email… he can’t write you a post-it note… all he can do is try and tell you how he feels through non-verbal communication … through body language.

And we owe it to our dogs to learn a little ‘dog language’ so that we can understand what they are trying to say.

Until now, I have confined my education on canine body language to my Advanced Masterclasses, but my family and friends – in other words, ordinary pet owners – kept asking me for this information too. They inspired me to create this online resource, so that it’s available to everyone who understands just how important it is to keep dogs and families safely and happily together.

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What people say about the Learn To Talk Dog Programme:

"I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short space of time."

"Just to let you know have just finished the online course - brilliant!

LearnToTalkDog is not only a hugely useful course for the dog owning public must an absolute must for anyone working with dogs in a professional capacity.

I was amazed at how much I learned in such a short space of time. I now look at dog:dog and dog:human interactions in a whole different way and feel that as a result of this course I am now much better placed to recognise the signals dogs give."

Cassie Zerk

"It's fun, fascinating and empowering!"

"The course is fantastic.

I really knew so little about the subtle signals and am learning so much. Fascinating regarding the controversy about calming signals...The examples of photos are great and the videos are extremely useful ...

People's familiarity with dogs doesn't necessarily reflect a knowledge and understanding of their behaviour needs of course, but this medium seems a fantastic and effective way to teach this sort of understanding.

It's fun, fascinating and empowering!"

Nicola Calder

"Very interesting and helpful!!"

"I found it very interesting and helpful!! I am a dog groomer so come across quite a few dogs that don't enjoy the grooming process!! However since reading your book and doing your short course I have avoided getting bitten!!"

Helen Spellman

"Informative, easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable"

"I have just completed Module One of the ‘Learn to Talk Dog’ online training.  I found it informative, easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable – all the things that make up a good course.  I can’t wait for Module Two!"

Rachel Pattison

"Just tell Sarah she's contagious!!"

Denise Patterson
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