Signals of Pre-emptive Aggression Webinar

How to prevent your dog from ever needing to use aggression

Let canine behaviour expert, author and trainer Sarah Whitehead show you the secrets to understanding your dog's hidden body language and facial expression, so you can spot stress signals early and prevent defensive or aggressive behaviour escalating, or even starting.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The eight factors in the progression towards aggression, meaning you'll know exactly how to spot the signs and take action to prevent its escalation
  • The 39 different pre-emptors for aggression, and how to spot some of the most important
  • How to analyse eye, head, and mouth movements for a deeper understanding of dog behaviour
  • ...And lots more!

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sarah whiteheadSarah Whitehead is a full member of the APBC, and APDT. She has an MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour and is an NLP Master Practitioner. Sarah is an experienced media expert, behaviourist, trainer, author, and lecturer and is always happy to hear from you to chat about all things dog and cat…