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New! from Sarah Whitehead!
The Secrets of Dog-Dog Communication –
Canine Body Language Course 2

Ok, admit it – you are just as addicted to dog watching as I am!

If that’s true, then I’m sure that - like me - you will be particularly fascinated by observing how dogs interact together – because although they can’t tell us exactly what’s going on, there are times when it’s obvious what may happen between them – and other times when it can take you completely by surprise.

dog playingWhether it’s dogs meeting and greeting, playing with each other, or behaving in a way which is less than sociable, the fact is that we owe it to our dogs to study how they communicate with each other – in order to prevent problems from occurring, help those dogs that already have issues around other dogs, and keep them safe when out and about.

If you are an exceptional owner, a trainer or instructor, a member of veterinary staff, behaviour specialist, welfare professional or volunteer – or just have a fascination with dogs - you will benefit from this comprehensive course – bringing to life the hidden language of dogs.

From this online course you will learn:

  • My new thoughts and theories on many aspects of dog-to-dog interactions – even the controversial ones! I don’t hold back!
  • Learn the subtle secrets of dog-to-dog body language that I explain only in Advanced Masterclasses
  • Up-skill and update your behavioural knowledge with never-before-heard theories and information
  • Keep your dogs safe around unknown dogs through rapid assessment strategies
  • Understand what can lead to dog-to-dog aggression problems so you can advise and prevent it
  • Understand the predictors of aggression, so you can intervene before they happen
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Unlimited, Lifetime Access

The course itself is divided up into 3 easy-to-follow modules:

  1. Meetings, greetings, stalking and splitting
  2. Play, Sex and Conflict
  3. Predicting dog-to-dog aggression

Each module includes tons of video material (really – over 90 clips!) as well as written content, which you can study completely at your own pace.

Plus, there is a quick interactive quiz at the end of each Module to help embed your learning and give you a deeper understanding of canine behaviour.

And remember, you have unlimited lifetime access, so you can go at your own pace and refer back to the course at any time.

Module 1: Meetings, greetings, stalking and splitting

Dog to Dog Introduction Image 1013

Dogs talk to each other with a sophisticated and complex language. They have a wide vocabulary and it’s not limited merely to visual signals, but incorporates sound, scent and touch too.

In this first Module, I take a look at what I regard as the ten most important aspects of dog-to-dog communication – and launch right in to focus on areas that are most controversial and most mysterious. In doing so, I will be debunking the myths that we are so often told about meetings and greetings, and looking with a new eye at some familiar patterns of behaviour that most will recognise but few can explain.

You get ten lessons, plus end-of-module Quiz to see what you have learned.

In this module you will discover:

  • Why only about 20% of dog-to-dog interaction is face to face
  • How to think like a cat! (In order to understand dog behaviour)
  • Why dogs ‘stalk’ each other and the possible consequences
  • The remarkable behaviour that we call ‘splitting’ and the theories behind it

The curriculum:


1 Canine communication at a distance
2 The rolling question
3 Vocal communication between dogs at a distance
4 Approaches – first impressions count!
5 Speed of Approach
6 Angle of Approach
7 Say what you see
8 Signs of appeasement
9 Stalking other dogs
10 Splitting

End of Module Quiz 

Module 2: Play, Sex and Conflict

M3 L6 GD_1219 (1)

Ok, I admit it – I did get rather carried away with this Module!

Having broken you in gently in Module One, this second section has 17 lessons to it and over 50 video clips!

The contents are devoted to looking at green and red flags in dog-to-dog interactions, and I don’t hold back. I have new theories on chasing, on controlling space and on why dogs use ‘T-shape’ – a behaviour that often results in conflict.

Also in this Module, how ‘sex’ can be a weapon – and how to spot when it’s likely to cause trouble.

You get 17 lessons including:

  • Why do dogs play – and when is it OK, when is it unsafe?
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of chasing
  • How to spot a potential conflict arising before the dogs even meet
  • Why sex may not just be for reproduction

The curriculum:

1 Theories of play
2 Play gestures
3 What’s good (usually), part one – Mirroring, matching and balanced play/interactions
4 What’s good (usually), part two - Pauses, self-interruptions and self-handicapping
5 What’s good (usually), part three - Exaggeration (including vocalisations)
6 What’s good (usually), part four - Looking at humans, orienting to humans
7 What’s good (usually), part five - Sensible avoidance, sensible appeasement
8 Chasing – The many faces of chasing
9 What’s not so good, part one - Red flags in dog-to-dog interactions
10 What’s not so good, part two - Controlling space
11 What’s not so good, part three - Alignment
12 What’s not so good, part four - Body contact – what’s OK, what’s not
13 What’s not so good, part five - Freezing /hard eye contact or staring
14 What’s not so good, part six - T-shape – new theories!!
15 What’s not so good, part seven - Targeted bites
16 What’s not so good, part eight - Bullying, targeting and mobbing
17 Sex – It’s not just about reproduction

End of Module Quiz 

Module 3: Predicting dog-to-dog aggression

M2 L5 DT_243 edit

There are 14 lessons to this Module, including 30 video clips….

  • A new way of looking at play and social skills that will change your views on puppy socialisation
  • A detailed exploration of WHY dogs can become aggressive to other dogs
  • How puppies are being put at risk of developing dog-to-dog aggression – and how to prevent it
  • The significance of resource guarding when looking at dog-to-dog aggression – and how to spot that this may be a factor before aggression occurs
  • Why canine super-heroes may actually exist!

The curriculum:

1 Social skills and motor patterns
2 What Mum and Dad gave you - genetics of the individual
3 What was your dog bred to do? Keeping it real
4 Early experiences (much earlier than you think)
5 The weaning process as a fundamental behavioural template
6 Assessing the quality and quantity of socialisation and habituation…
7 Beating up grandpa – how interactions with an older dog can shape future behaviour
8 Monkey see, monkey do
9 Team building – the hidden risks in littermate bonding
10 Bad experiences in puppyhood and adolescence – how much do they really matter?
11 Hormones (and sexual advances) and their influence in dog-to-dog conflict
12 Resource guarding - the ‘hidden’ factor that will change how you look at dog-to-dog conflict forever
13 Barrier frustration –what we need to be aware of in real life
14 Becoming aware and educating owners – hot spots, flash points and how to spot when problems are just around the corner

End of Module Quiz

This comprehensive online programme is designed to be fast, full of content, and fun! You can learn in the comfort of your own home, and completely at your own pace.

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Only £347

Your Investment

Ok, so now you know what is included in the programme, let’s talk about your investment.

Firstly, you need to remember that this course is advanced. And when you consider that even a basic certification training would cost you between £700-£800, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the comparatively low price of this programme.

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Online Dog-To-Dog Course

Instant Access (Online) Training Programme

If you are a clever owner, a trainer, a member of veterinary staff, behaviour specialist or student, welfare professional or volunteer – or just have a fascination with dogs – this Programme is for you.

This Programme includes:

  • 3 Easy-to-follow modules where Sarah takes you step-by-step though Canine Meeting and Greetings, Canine Play, Sex and Conflict and Predicting Dog-To-Dog Aggression.
  • PLUS Bonus pack – ‘Keeping your dog safe’
  • Over 90 video tutorials over the three Modules that demonstrate clearly what to look for so you can match what you see in the video to your own dog and dogs around you.
  • No exams! No writing of reports! Just a quick (and fun!) interactive Quiz at the end of each Module, to help embed your learning and give you a deeper understanding of canine behaviour.

Just one payment of £347

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