Learn To Talk Dog Online Courses, from Sarah Whitehead

Sarah’s online courses are unique way to learn about canine body language and facial expression in your own time and from the comfort of your own computer.

Books are great (Sarah has written more than 25!) and lectures are wonderful, but in order to be able to create the best teaching platform for such a visual subject as the subtleties of canine body language, Sarah has created LearnToTalkDog.com – where images and video clips can speak a thousand words – and she can present her newest ideas and theories on an up-to-the-minute basis too.

The courses are designed for those addicted to dog watching, so if you are an exceptional owner, a trainer or instructor, a member of veterinary staff, behaviour specialist, welfare professional or volunteer, or just have a fascination with dogs - you will benefit from this comprehensive course – bringing to life the hidden language of dogs.

On a practical note, once you have signed up you can visit and re-visit the course as many times as you like – and there is no time limit. There are no exams, and no written work (phew!) – instead Sarah has designed interactive quizzes at the end of each of the Modules, which – once passed – entitle you to generate your Certificate of completion.

The courses are designed to be progressive – so we do suggest that you take them in order, but it’s not a rule!

Introductory Module

This 'Introductory' Module is designed as a first foray into the fascinating world of canine body language. The first part of 'Course 1', it is now available as a stand-alone Module for those who want to dip a toe in the water of canine communication systems. Even in this single Module, Sarah explodes common myths about play bows, tail wagging and jumping up. You'll be hooked before you know it!

One Module, for an amazing introductory price:
1. Canine Vocabulary – how is your dog feeling?

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Course 1. Canine Body Language and Facial Expression

GuiltyThis first course is designed to explore the subtleties of canine body language and facial expression. Tons of images, video clips and Sarah’s thoughts and comments to guide you through.

Three Modules, and a special Bonus Module, covering:
1. Canine Vocabulary – how is your dog feeling?
2. The Four F’s – canine coping strategies
3. Social Signals – how to tell he loves you!
Plus, Bonus Module:
4. Early Warning Systems: Fear, stress, anxiety and appeasement

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Course 2. Understanding Dog-To-Dog Communications

Dog to Dog Introduction Image 1013This course is designed to explore all things body language and facial expression in dog-to-dog interactions. This complex and fascinating area is covered in detail using more than 90 video clips and images, and lots of new insights from Sarah’s experience as a specialist in canine interactions and aggression.

The course itself is divided up into 3 easy-to-follow, content-driven modules:
1. Meetings, greetings, stalking and splitting
2. Play, Sex and Conflict
3. Predicting dog-to-dog aggression

Each module includes tons of video material (really – over 90 clips!) as well as written content, which you can study completely at your own pace.

Plus, there is a quick interactive quiz at the end of each Module to help embed your learning and give you a deeper understanding of canine behaviour.

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