About Sarah Whitehead and Learn to Talk Dog

In addition to my behaviour work, I also run the Clever Dog Company.

With 12 branches of my specialist Clever Dog Company puppy and dog training classes now running, myself and all our instructors are passionate about sharing the best behavioural understanding and the most modern methods of dog training. www.cleverdogcompany.com

I also offer accredited educational courses in canine behaviour and training, lecture internationally on related subjects and canine body language, and offer professional Masterclasses, under the name Think Dog! www.thinkdog.org

Did you know? One of my other interests outside of Learn to Talk Dog is human psychology, and I am an NLP Master Practitioner. I believe that learning never stops and needs to be fun to ‘stick’.

I have written 25 books… and counting!

Check out my new book ‘Clever Dog!‘, now in paperback and published by HarperCollins.